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Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass/Tempered Glass (ESG) is produced in the tempered furnace, based on the glass substrate of float glass, Low E glass,  or ceramic frit glass. In the course of tempering,  which constantly heating these materials to tempurature  700°C,  then is rapidly cooled down in the compressed cooling air. As a result, compressive stress is formed on the surface of the glass.  When the glass withstands external impact, the surface stress is offset, so as to improve the loading capacity and enhance the glass's resistance to wind pressure, cold and thermal, impact, etc.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass Factory( LYG) can produce custom toughened glass (ESG): clear tempered glass, ultra-clear tempered glass( Low Iron Toughened Glass), tempered tinted glass, toughened reflective glass, Low E tempered glass, etc., jumbo size toughened glass are also available here.They are good glass materials for tempered glass doors, toughened glass railings, tempered glass windows,tempered glass tables, tempered glass shelves, tempered glass shower door,etc.

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