Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Reflective Glass benefits: provides clear, unobstructed views while reducing unwanted glare, visibility through the glass is maximized, while reflection is minimized.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass factory is an outstanding glass manufacturers& supplier of AR Glass laminated glass and AR Glass insulating glass. Adopts premium quality anti-glare glass sheet which has solid and durable anti glare Coating, they are high-end glass materials. Can be applied to the places such as museum display glass, retail storefronts, car showrooms, restaurants, sporting facilities, zoos, and aquariums. They also can be applied to building façades that offer ultra-clear, high transparency.


You can have bespoke anti reflective museum glass, Anti Reflective glass picture frame, anti-reflective display glass, nonglare tempered laminated glass railing, etc.

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