Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.

Blinds Insulated Glass

Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD has been proven in the market for a reliable glass supplier of Blinds Insulated Glass. Every double glazed sealed unit now comes with high-end quality warm edge spacer bar as standard to offer optimum thermal insulation. The great reduction of building consumption by sunshade and energy-saving allows the building to have a flexible light transmission, privacy, and low maintenance cost.


Insulating Glass with Blinds has functional Insulated Glass thermal window blinds and shades, are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Once the shutters sealed in this totally dust-free environment, the blinds require no cleaning, always appear new, and are protected from damage.


Advantages of Blinds Insulated Glass: low maintenance and contemporary feature suitable for any double glazed window or door, they are optimal solutions for blinds in window glass, sliding glass doors, office partition glass, etc.

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