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EVA Laminated Glass

EVA laminated glass definition:  two or more glass lites (bespoke float glass, Low E glass, and tempered glass, and so on) are laminated by EVA film(ethylene-vinyl acetate). EVA glass lamination process is the same as PVB laminated glass.


EVA glass laminating film is a rather new interlayer type compared to PVB.  The types of  EVA interlayer film for laminated glass including fabrics, paper, decorative wire mesh, printed PET films, and photovoltaic cells (solar panels). EVA film laminated glass is typically used in interior glass and decorative applications, such as decoration glass walls, laminated glass partitions, sandwich glass handrails, etc.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass Co LTD is a high-end laminated glass manufacturer, can offer flat& curved toughened laminated glass, strictly in accordance with safety requirements and structural applications, to fulfill the requirements of laminated safety glass.

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