Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD always insists on the " Integrity Management, Quality Priority and Technological Innovation" to serve the clients from both domestic and aboard markets.


LIAOYUAN wholesale glass panel manufacturers aims to provide more comfortable glass panel products and services that make people’s lives better.

Practice a philosophy of mutual benefit,  to create value for the involved people,  here includes our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and ultimately society. 



Products Scope:  Tempered Glass / Laminated Glass / Insulated Glass / Insulating Glass with Integral Blinds / Low E energy saving Glass / Laminating Insulated Glass / Ceramic Frit Silkscreen Glass / Ceramic Frit Digital Printing Glass / Fireproof Glass / Bulletproof Glass


As the professional glass panel supplier, Liaoyuan Glass offers one-stop service, from glass solution design, raw materials, process, quality inspecation, to packing& loading.


Liaoyuan glass panel manufacturers master the perfect way ceramic frit digital printing solution for Architects, Developers and Designers to display creative images onto Facades, Windows and Internal design features.


Looking for wholesale glass panel manufacturers? Whether energy-saving Low-E glass, processes, or technologies, Liaoyuan glass panel supplier is dedicated to fulfilling the world’s ever-growing requirements for glass. We never stop thinking of new and better ways to produce better products for markets. We offer diverse of raw glass materials and production process for options. But how to choose a proper glass combination? This all depends on what color, insulation level, light transmission and other properties are required. Here are parts of glass products we have done before, probably you can have new inspirations from them. For price enquiries, please call us or give us email.


Liaoyuan glass panel manufacturers focus on offering superior glass with high efficiency delivey time for domestic and aboard. Meanwhile, we keep exploring every application solution possible. More and More bespoke glass products have been produced and installed on the buildings. To know the more about our achievment, welcome to contact us at


There are thousands of glass products available, different glass combinations can be given different functions, This involves space aesthetic, conserve energy, regulate temperatures, protect privacy, preserve history, etc. If you need a glass consultor, we'd like to share with you our experience in this are and provide pertinent advice for your reference. As we are also a wholesale glass panels supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries. 

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Liaoyuan glass panel manufacturers strive for quality in everything we do–from how we select materials and cut glass, process glass, to how we inspect glass, pack glass and load glass into the container eventually. This requires high levels of expertise, process design throughout the company, and we’ve also developed a rigorous quality management system to carefully monitor how each stage of the process is managed, performed and verified. This is how we endeavor to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and at times even exceed them.



Building Glass is an essential material, with destinctive attributes that make it irreplacetable in structures and designs across the building industry. As a experienced glass fabricator, we select premium material makers only as our suppliers to ensure products' quality can address the project's requirement. Float Glass and Low E glass maker: Pilkinton, Gardian, PPG, AGC, Jinjing, TGG, XYG, etc. PVB maker of Laminated Glass: Kuraray, Southwall, Kingboard, Decent, etc. Other materials: Dow Corning, etc.




Whether you’re designing commerical& residential, remodeling homes, creating museum cases or planning the new schools,  Liaoyuan Glass products can provide beauty, innovation and durable glass products to every construction. Our team is ready to help you!

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