Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.

Fireproof Glass

Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO LTD is a leading China glass manufacturer, an outstanding fire-rated glass supplier, the products including Composite Fire-resistant Glass(FFB), Fireproof wired glass(DFB), Borosilicate Fire Resistance glass (DFB), and Cesium Potassium Fire Rated Glass (DFB). Can apply to fire rated glass elevator doors, fire rated glass elevator shaft, fire retardant glass windows, and fire resistant glass wall, and so on.


Fireproof glass can be divided into fireproof properties:


Class A Heat-insulating fire rated glass, has the outstanding performance of fire integrity, fire resistance, and heat insulation, they are composite fireproof glass and Composite Grout Fireproof Glass.


Class C Non Heat-insulating fire-resistant glass, addresses the requirements of fire-resistant integrity, but non-heating insulation. They are Fireproof Wired Glass, Borosilicate Fire Resistance Glass, and Cesium Potassium Fire Rated Glass.


Fireproof glass can be divided into five grades by fire resistance limit: 30minutes、60minutes、90minutes、120minutes、180minutes.

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