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Heat Soaked Glass

Heat soaked glass definition: Heat soaking treatment is to heat the tempered glass to 290℃±10℃, and constantly maintain the heat for a certain time, accumulating the nickel sulfide in the tempered glass quickly complete the crystal phase transformation, tempered glass can be broken in advance in the course of the heat soaking furnace. Consequently, reduce the spontaneous breakage of tempered glass after installation, reduce to maintain cost. Actually, it is a quality inspection process too, so heat-soaked glass also refers as heat soak testing glass (HST glass).


Heat-soaked glass is invaluable for architects and designers, providing added reassurance when specifying projects. It is often advised that HST glass be specified on high level, inaccessible or difficult to fit installations due to these installations of architectural glazing being harder to access and replace if required in the future.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass factory offers premium quality bespoke heat soaked glass panel for projects both overseas and domestic with the full set of testing reports and certifications.

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