Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.

Screen Printed Insulated Glass

Screen Printed Insulated Glass or called silkscreen Insulated Glass, silkscreen double glazed insulated glass unit, and so on.  It not only allows Insulated Glass Unit(IGU) to have special silk-screen patterns and different color designs but still remains Low E coating. Silkscreen Glass printing on insulated glass surface #2 or #3, the silkscreen can be almost invisible from the outside as the low e coating reflective color can affect the ceramic frit color reflectance.


Hence Screen Printed Insulated Glass offers architects a better solution of glass materials, with aesthetic modern design, durable color, solar control performance, and energy saving in one product. Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass Factory provides premium quality and services of ceramic frit insulated glass for the customers both domestic and abroad, they can be applied for glass curtain walls, glass facade, glass skylight, glass canopy, glass door, etc.

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