Liaoyuan Glass built in1990, is a leading wholesale glass panel manufacturers that provides our clients with innovative solutions for high-performance glass facades.

Digital Printing Insulated Glass

Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD (LYG) is the pioneer Digital Printed Glass manufacturer in China,  provides including premium& stable quality digital printed insulated glass. The amazing of Digital 3D printing Insulated Glass is that it allows the Architect's inspiration to be freely expressed through colorful graphics, finally get reality via 3D digital ceramic printing on glass surfaces.


Digital ceramic frit glass can have flexible combinations to be Digital Printed Insulated Glass, it allows working with high-performance coatings Low E tempered glass to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission. They are outstanding building glass materials for glass canopies, glass doors, glass curtain walls, glass windows, etc.


Please feel free to contact us via to learn more about the digital ceramic frit glass manufacturing process and specifications.

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