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Hot Bent Glass

Hot Bent Glass is a kind of non-tempered glass with an irregular curve shape, they also refer to as hot bent annealed glass. Hot Bending Glass processing: formed by heating and softening of annealed glass in a mold and then cool down. Hot Bend Glass is produced in an electric furnace. There is a continuous hot bending furnace that generally has 5-6 rooms, 11-13 stations, and a finished product can be produced in about tens of minutes.


Hot Bent Glass considered non safety glass! Normally they applied for hot bent laminated glass, for furniture glass table, hot bent glass railing, elevator glass walls, glass shafts for elevators, elevator glass walls, etc.


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD is a hot bent curved glass manufacturers in China,  produces premium quality Custom Hot Bent Glass with fast delivery.

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