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SGCC Quality 21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass Stadium Glass Railing

SGCC Quality 21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass Stadium Glass Railing
10mm Ultra Clear AR Tempered Glass+1.52SGP+10mm Ultra Clear AR Tempered Glass
Trade Terms:
Supply Ability:
10000 square meter / Month
L/C, T/T
Packaging Detail:
Seaworthy plywood crate package

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21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass 

SGCC quality Stadium Railing Glass products of 21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass are made of two lites of 10mm ultra clear single-sided low reflective toughened glass, they are boned together by 1.52mm Kuraray SentryGlas®.


AR glass or anti-reflective glass is a kind of special coating glass product, also referred to as low reflective glass.  We adopt auto-grade 10mm ultra clear float glass as the production material. Adopting the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology, sputter the target material on the glass surface through the magnetic pole under the state of vacuum; forming a layer of anti-reflection film, to gain more visible light transmittance. Reducing the reflection of the glass surface, so that the original color through the glass is more vivid and real.


Glass Product21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass

Glass combination

Outer lite


Interior lite

Tempered laminated glass

10mm  single-sided anti-reflective tempered glass#1

1.52mm SGP

10mm  single-sided anti-reflective tempered glass#4

Size Options

Bespoken sizes

Other Processing Services

Drilled holes, Silkscreen, digital printing, acid etched, laminated, or insulated, etc.

Other Heating Treatments

Heat-strengthened, heat-soaked testing.


The more Anti-Reflective 

Glass Thickness for option

2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

21.52MM Double AR SGP Laminated Glass Stadium Glass Railing Advantages:

1. Gain more visible light transmittance

Visible light transmittance of laminated glass 10mm single-sided anti-reflective tempered glass#1+1.52SGP+10mm single-sided anti-reflective tempered glass#4 can be as high as 99%.

2. Non-reflective

The reflectivity is less than 1%, and the minimum value is less than 0.5%, which effectively reduces the defect of the screen turning white due to the strong light behind, and enjoys a clearer image quality.

3. No color cast

The colors are more vivid and the contrast is stronger, making the image color contrast stronger and the scene clearer.

4. Effectively isolate UV rays

Anti-ultraviolet effectively protects the eyes and cultural relics damage, and the transmittance of the ultraviolet spectral region is greatly reduced, which can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes.

5. High-temperature resistance

AR glass temperature resistance > 500 degrees (generally acrylic can only withstand 80 degrees)

6. The best scratch resistance and wear resistance

The hardness of the AR glass film layer is equivalent to that of glass, greater than 7H, (generally the hardness of the PC board is about 2H to 3H).

7. Durability of coating

8. Strong impact resistance, can withstand typhoons, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etc. They are good hurricane proof glass products.

9. Maintain perspective

Generally, after acrylic is installed, the viewing angle will become smaller; but after AR glass is installed, the viewing angle will not become smaller.

10. Appearance

The surface flatness of the AR laminated glass railing is much better than that of coated acrylic, and the larger the size, the more obvious the difference. The hot and cold deformation of Anti-reflective glass can be almost ignored, and it is suitable for stadiums.

10+1.52SGP+10 Anti-Reflective Laminated Glass Stadium Glass Railing Images

Plan & Curved Laminated Glass Package Images

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