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Curved Laminated Glass Factory Best 10+10 Hot Bending Glass

Curved Laminated Glass Factory Best 10+10 Hot Bending Glass
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Hot-bend glass



Hot-bend glass is a curved glass that is heated and softened in a mold by flat glass and then annealedHot-bent glass is generally processed in an electric furnace. The temperature rising moldingand the annealing are all completed in one room. The processing cycle takes several hours to one ortwenty hours, and is suitable for making small-batch large-size hot bending glass.



1. Hot-bending glass have diverse styles;

2. Compare to Tempered Glass, curved laminated glass has smooth surface, no distortion phenomenon;

3. Hot-Bending glass can be cut again, digged hole and other processing

Curved Laminated Glass


Hot bending glass is a versatile and modern architectural solution. The curved laminated glass is a curved glass that is made by annealing under high quality glass heating bends, molding in a mold. Curved laminated glass is suitable for numerous applications such as fish tanks, balconies, mobile phone counters, cosmetic counters, TV cabinets, doors, windows, ceilings, curtain walls, and many other unique shapes. Additionally, this method can produce various hot bending glass products including hollow and sandwich designs tailored to individual customer requirements.

◆ Product  Description

Hot Bending curved laminated Glass process: First, hot bending process:place customized Clear or ultra clear Float Glass pieces on the top of the accurate-bent concave mold and then heat them to the softening point in the hot bending furnace. The glass reaches the same curvature as the concave mold under the action of its own gravity or external pressure. Then, the heating is stopped and the annealing is slowly performed until it reaches room temperature, and the bending process is completed. Secondly, laminating process, it's laminated the two pcs hot bending curved glass combining with PVB or SGP interlayer. Lastly, packing is very important for glass safety during transportation. We need to use hot bending curved mould crate or stainless steel to support and fix the glass in the timber crate.

LIAYUAN bent laminated glass Advantages

❶ Hot Bent Glass has transparent appearance, allows the maxmium visible light transmission.

❷ Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO LTD provides Hot Bent Glass with minimal distortion and strict radial tolerances.

❸ Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD produces hot bent glass in the high-tech ovens through custom accurate&well-matched fabricated molds.


Hot Bent Glass is not a safety glass, it always works as hot bent laminated glass in practical application very common, for example, spherical glass, the vaulted corridor that turns, spiral Staircases, Shower& Bath Enclosures. If you are looking for a curved laminated glass manufacturers, Liaoyuan Glass is your best choice, as one of the best custom curved glass suppliers.

Hot Bend Glass Applications

We are total glass suppliers who supply bent glass ranging from annealed glass through to highperformance laminates, all of which can be curved to your individual needs. Not only is bent glass a creative form of design for any building, but Liaoyuan Glass supply bent glass in many colors, thicknesses, and radius so almost anything is achievable.

Hot Curved Glass Applications:

hot bent glass for furniture & furniture parts (glass doors, furniture components)hot bent glass for furniture component parts in the FMCG industry (refrigerated displaycabinets,refrigerators)
hot bent glass for railings and curved structural
hot bent glass for elements for supporting staircases
hot bent glass for shower enclosures and glass doors
hot bent glass for office space partitions
hot bent glass for protective glass for revolving doors
hot bent glass for canopies and skylights
hot bent glass for shop windows
 hot bent glass for glass curtain walls and windows


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