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Single Silver Low-E Insulating Glass

Single silver Low-E Insulating Glass contains a panel of single silver Low e coating glass.  This glass has a functional coating layer-- a silver layer, plus other metal and compound layers, the total number of film layers reaches 5. 


Compare to traditional reflective glass, Single Silver Coating tempered insulated glass unit can greatly reduce the heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor environment through the glass, so when the air conditioning refrigeration or heating, after the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature, the air conditioning can be in the standby state for a longer time, thus saving power consumption.  Not only that, but the shading characteristics of LOW-E Insulated Glass make the use of curtain shading time is also greatly reduced, thus improving the indoor light comfort, creating a more transparent and beautiful indoor environment. 


Shenzhen Liaoyuan Glass CO., LTD produces premium quality Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) for glass facade, glass envelope, glass windows, glass doors, glass wall, glass skylight, etc.


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